Matthew 25:35 August ’16

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August 10, 2016 by pastorjdo3

The 2016/2017 School Year is upon us.  As our families prepare their students for fruitfulness during the school year, let us not forget those families who are preparing, but lacking resources.  There are many parents in the Tomball/Cypress area that are needing of Resource Assistance, and it is our aim to help as many students as possible.   The focus of our efforts will be the families in the Pinnacle Apartments the students under the care of Orphan Care Solutions. OrphanCareSol

Orphan Care Solutions has registered 400 families in the Montgomery County that need Resource Assistance.  Orphan Care Solutions has joined together over 150 churches that serve as stakeholders for the welfare of orphans in Montgomery County.  Along side Montgomery County CPS Community Advisory Board work to put together programs that transform the lives of those who have chosen to support those in need of a family.


Matthew 25:35 (Thanksgiving 2015)

The Pinnacle Apartments contain an amazing group of young people who are producing productive students via Single Parent Homes.  Last Thanksgiving, our sacrifice enabled us to provide food for over 35 families for the week of Thanksgiving.  The complex features lots of programming that aids in sharpening each student for their life’s journey and for the school year.  Their after school program and weekend tutorial program have made a great difference in the lives of its community.

In short, both the OCS program and Pinnacle Apt. are areas where our resources can make a great impact with families who are working hard to produce positive members of our community.  With our help, we can not only aid in producing productive community members, but can expand the Kingdom of God by sharing a portion of what God has given to us.

This month, we will be collecting Resources for the students in OCS and Pinnacle Apt.  We are asking all that can, to purchase supplies for these students to be packaged and delivered to location contacts by August 27th. Our aim is to collect all supplies by the 20th- 24th and then to prepare the Resources August 25th for delivery to each location.  Our group leaders will be our Resource Contacts for the supplies, and their homes or arranged meeting spots places for Resource Reception.  Northpoint Group Leader Ashlee can be reached at and Riata Ranch Group Leader Quinita can be reached at


Johnny Ogletree, III
The Body Church of Texas


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