The Disconnect (Genesis 7:5)

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August 11, 2016 by pastorjdo3

And Noah did all that the Lord commanded him.
Genesis 7:5

During study Tuesday, we rolled up our sleeves and looked again at the story of Noah.  Starting with verse 5 of chapter 7, we admired the obedience of Noah to the Lord.  Noah was chosen by the LORD because he walked with Him.  He spent time learning from God and staying in tune with His desires. More importantly in this, we find something important.  Noah “did all that the LORD commanded…”  We first began talking about the importance of listening and being obedient to what we have heard.

What would your life look like if you “did all”?

If we could discipline ourselves to be obedient to what God has directed for our lives, we would find nirvana.  Noah didn’t do some of what God commanded, he did all.  The commitment to live out God’s Word must be a premium.  For most of us, its an option.  And because its an option, we find ourselves suffering from the fruit of our own labor.  He responded to God’s Word for what it was and still is, a command!  The Word is not filled with suggestions or good advice, its filled with a system of rules or principles designed to direct each individual into righteousness, which leads to peace and ultimately prosperity.

One of the many shames we must all confess too is the disconnect between what we have heard, learned, and put into practice.  Week to week, we are the beneficiaries of beautifully crafted messages that are filled with bite sized instructions from the Lord.  We have access to podcasts that give us 24 hour access to great teaching from God’s vessels that labor in love to make sure we are properly fed.

Why is there a disconnect?  

We know that God desires for us to prosper.  We know that His plans are for us to have life to the full.  We know that God wants us to have the peace that surpasses all understanding.  We know that God desires for us to have good health.  Having said all this, and after hearing the confessions of believers each week, we all found it difficult to place into words why we treat God’s Word as a suggestion and not a command.   disconnect_pic

Maybe you can help us?  Why is it that we can unite with Christ, no longer being an enemy, and then reject the teachings of the one that has been placed in our vantage point as the mark, not a mark, for us all.  Noah desired to be just like the mark.  We too must desire to reach the mark.  He must be our goal, and His Word must be our guide.


Being Obedient Requires Faith!

Noah, to be obedient to God’s command, had to have faith in who God was.  To be completely obedient, there was no room for doubt.  Noah had to trust that God was doing what was best for both he and his family despite not knowing or having experienced the full breath of what was to occur.  He believed God enough to just build.  He believed God enough to make the personal sacrifice.  He believed God enough to do the opposite of what others were doing.  We too must believe.  Our faith in who God is has to be greater than our faith in who we are or what we have accomplished and experienced.

The disconnect with us hearing and acting on God’s Word because we are in the process of disciplining our flesh.  Maybe the reason Noah could obey God because he had already made a habit of walking with Him.  He had already started listening and following every step that had been ordered by the Lord.   We must understand that while faith comes by hearing, our flesh is trained by denial and discipline.  If we will commit to this, we will find ourselves on the ark, and not on the shore.




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