Wondering Where the Signs Are?

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September 7, 2016 by pastorjdo3

People have come to our ministry and stayed, not because of what was said, but because of what was seen. I paraphrased a statement made by a mighty woman of God who spoke to us as young children hungry for the breast. She looked at us as though we were clawing through her clothes, needing nutrient that we could only get from her. In public, she shamelessly fed us all, no blanket, not towel or cloth. We latched on unashamed, as she told us the secret to life in ministry.

Her words rang in my ear as I got in the car to drive off. I chewed on if the entire ride. What did she say? “The crowd followed Jesus based upon what they saw, not for what they heard.” She continued, “Not only did they see signs and wonders, they saw him, and what he lived, matched what he spoke. This made Him different!” Logo

So; “What are they seeing I asked myself?” “Signs and wonders?” or are people “wondering where the signs are?” As she spoke, she said the issue with our churches are void of signs. (summary of conversation) If people don’t see signs and wonders, experience no life change then how are they to believe?

The signs and wonders were to accompany the man and woman of God as they continued doing the work of the Lord as a visible sign that the Lords presence and power is with them. But a problem exist! Miracles require Faith!

I thought to my self asked myself, Do you Believe in Miracles? And if so, where is the evidence? Is it possible to believe in miracles and not to perform them? Could one believe the potential for miracles are there and never act upon what they know is available? I concluded yes! So where are the miracles?

I thought about Jesus, looking around thinking, I know its not me! Who stands among me that does not believe? Looking within, pointing out those that didn’t belong. He excused them beyond the doors and closed himself in with those who believed and put faith to work!

getoutI started looking around. Mentally thumbing through my surroundings. Maybe I believe, but I am surrounded by doubt and doubters? Maybe having a list of friend and associates is the problem? Remove my friends? Perish the thought you might think! They are all I have. They have my back! They are with me! And maybe that’s the problem. You can’t perform miracles because they are with you! Maybe to achieve, we need to clean out our surroundings, removing doubt like we periodically clean out our friends list on Facebook? Maybe we need to highlight names of those who tag along and block them like we are on Twitter? Maybe, we must un-follow them as though we are on Instagram because the images and example of faithlessness is influencing our existence? Maybe all of them have a “feed”, because what they display feed us? How appropriate!

Jesus said, I would that you would do greater works than I, as though what He performed wasn’t enough to sway the hearts and minds of mankind. Maybe Jesus knew that the worlds increasing level of wickedness would require us to do miracles and show signs to those far beyond what He performed to leave with the viewer no doubt?

Maybe there is some crazy formula to Conversions?
Confession of Faith = (Preached Word + Signs and Wonders) x Conviction

Yep, you see the problem too. Conviction is a work of the Holy Spirit, which critiques have deemed absent from many equations. Furthermore, maybe its’ absence along with the restraints placed on her has rendered an environment Miracle less? Maybe just maybe, the Holy Spirits job is more than dancing and tongues? Maybe the signs displayed by being under its control lead us towards a life of discipline that builds a faith worthy not just to stand though adversity, but that can stand with authority and declare God’s will upon earth?

Whatever the answer might be, one thing is for sure, Miracles require Faith. Faith require Belief. Believe requires Relationship. Relationship require Trust. Trust requires Prayer. Yes, Prayer! The Y to the X of the Holy Spirit that form the parameters to move in the will of Christ.

healingfaithAll this to ask, again, “Where are the Signs and Wonders?” According to the Word, they are supposed to be a regular occurrence. They are to be a part of the fabric of our existence to aide in proclaiming to a dying world that He is Lord. Like Moses, we stand before our relatives in faith declaring to the enemy to release our friends and family. Equipped with His Word and our faith, we stand before the prince of the air, declaring freedom to the captive. We cry out not just for justice, but for the liberation of those who are under the yoke of bondage. We stand on the Blood Provision of the Messiah, and proclaim in His name, Jesus the Christ, that all that read this, including those that are bold enough to type and declare Freedom and Healing through His Stripes; DONE!



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