Pierced; Lesson 2: Help

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October 6, 2016 by pastorjdo3

If therefore you are presenting your offering at the altar,
and there remember that your brother has something
against you, leave your offering there before the altar,
and go your way; first be reconciled to your brother,
and then come and present your offering.
Matthew 5:23-24

Tuesday, we looked again at the Matthew 5 text, pulling nuggets from the words of our love in parallel to our illustration “The Dermal Piercing” as show to us by Sister Ashlee.  Jesus teaches in this passage the importance of restoring relationships by instructing that relationships be restored quickly.  He advises the offender to restore relationship right away, even before making right their relationship with Him.img_4008

As we look at the different aspects of Broken relationships, we focus this week on “The Help.”  As we look at broken relationship, we discover that there are more individuals involved than the offender and the offended.

In the Dermal Process, we see two aspects of help, that we applied to this lesson.
1.  The Help with the Piercing Artist
2.  The Help with the Client

The Help that comes with the client is very important to the process.  While often holding the clients personal items, they greatly impact the event through their words and their response.  As Ashlee stated, a simple piercing can be made difficult by an animated audience.  A few words can aide the client in the process and one word can halt progress.

The question posed to the group, “What are you offering to the situation?”

Are we helping our friends and family navigate through challenges, lessening the effect of offenses and instructing them on how peace can be restored despite the pain?  The reality is that many offenses are simple, but are magnified by the response of those not directly involved.  One or two words can stir a pot in such a way that a scratch appears to be a flesh wound, and constant negativity and coverage can cause something that should heal within the hour to become infected to the point of surgical procedure.  


The question was asked of the group, “How many situations have been magnified by your tongue?”

There are relationship that are broken because of our handling as a friend.  Peace could have been restored had our tongue been seasoned with words to heal, and not spiced with words to enflame.   Furthermore, it is our job as those who are offended to understand who is speaking.  We must recognize those who are peace bearers and agitators.

We then turned our attention to the help of The Piercing Artist.

In general, the Help to the Artist is an Intern.  As an intern, their job is to prepare the Artist for the Piercing.  Though they are preparing them, it is important that they learn how to prepare from watching and from the instruction of the Artist.

The question was asked of the group, “Who is your Intern?”

There are people watching you!  Our understanding at The Body Church is :

1. You are Following Someone
2.  Someone is Following You.
3.  Someone is Watching You

In our daily walk, we must remain aware that our light is always shinning.  Our lives highlight for others not only who God is, but how God desires for us to live.  Our lives are to mirror the very character of God, so that people might know God through watching and following us.

img_4005The next question asked was, “What is your Intern learning from you?”

What would people report learning from you?  Are you promoting peace, or teaching people how to be driven by pain and consumed by its sting?  Are you aiding people in preparing to keep peace, or preparing people for daily battles that could be resolved and or avoided?  Many times what we have taught has caused those following us to experience unnecessary pain and heartache.  One of the main Interns we spoke about were our children.  They like the Artist Aide are within view of our lives.  They take notes and mimic us such to the point they become us, and frustrate us by acting like us.  Thus, modeling immaturity breads immaturity!  

In conclusion, even when you are not the offender or the offended, you can have a direct impact on keeping peace and healing wounds.  I challenge you as I challenged the group, to watch not only your actions and your tongue, but to be better managers over the influence you have in every circumstance.





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