Holiday Mission 2016!

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October 28, 2016 by pastorjdo3

The Body Church of Texas looks to continue our 2015 effort to feed targeted families and to provide gifts for identified families.

Last year, we targeted to feed 35 families in a Cypress area Apartment Complex. The goal was to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for families during the week of Thanksgiving to remove some of the financial burden incurred while students are off from school.gofundme1

For Christmas, we identified 5 families to provide Christmas gifts. Needs were identified, and funds were raised to aid in bringing joy to a holiday which might be dampened by the tough events of the year.

Our goal is to raise $400 for the Thanksgiving mission and $600 for the Christmas mission. For Thanksgiving, the same number of families will be served, and for Christmas, 3 families will be selected.

The families are being provided by the complex for Thanksgiving, and the 3 families will be selected from the members of our Tomball and Cypress Discipleship Groups.

The shopping for Thanksgiving will take place the weekend of November the 12-13th and packing will take place on the 15th.

We thank those who supported this effort last year, and are already praising God for those whom have been instructed to support this years effort.


The Body Church of Texas



A recap from 2015 can be seen here.


Please share the links to help spread the word!


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