Life by the Bee (Hold Up!)


November 5, 2016 by Dr. Q

Tuesday, we continued the Life by The Bee Series.  Last week, we looked at her song “Sorry” which challenged each member in our Discipleship Group to question their hearts in regards to repentance.  This week we looked further into the Lemonade Album of 2016 with “Hold Up!”beyonce16

This powerful song captures the hurt felt from the pain of one who has faced the constant infidelity of one they are passionately in love with.  She allows us to experience the hurt experienced by many who lack the platform to capture and address the vulnerability of love felt by one that enters into covenant and honors their vows while the other party remains in breach of covenant.

We are that party!  We are the ones that stand in breach of contract.  And not because of missed fine print, but rather, ignored clearly stated instructions that accompanied an agreement that many of us entered lacking the full intent to honor, while others lacked a full understanding of contract details, and of those, many have chosen to remain ignorant by not reading the contract.  An now, we sit in disagreement with God’s Word, not only grieving the Holy Spirit, but soiling our garments daily with Sin-Side-Chicks.

God spoke to John about the church of Ephesus:

Yet I hold this against you:  You have forsaken the love you had at first.
Revelations 2:4

As we red the verse, conviction set in.  It was as though God had written it to us.  When we looked at our actions, we realized that we were the church of Ephesus.  We started off passionately in love with God, afraid to soil our garments.  We were determined to not only tell a dying world about Him, but defended our holiness fleeing temptation and protecting our gates, where as now, our gates are open, not supervised and the fleeting feet have become hesitant steps or a stroll at best to escape sin.  In many cases, we find ourselves not only slow to flee, but eager and comfortable taking a seat, and making a bed.

What happened to us?  Why have we forgotten Him?  Why have we become casual with God?   Why are we taking Him for granted?  

God informs us that He is well aware of our infidelity!  It has not gone unnoticed.  He sees the late hours, and smell the perfume before it is quickly erased by a repentance shower!  He sees all acts, and knows all thoughts, and though we feel that we are free and clear, God says, “…Yet I hold this against you…”  He is bothered by the negligence we display in our relationship with Him.  Not meeting Him half way, but displaying a half hearted attempt to build and nurture our relationship, abusing the covenant because it is His character to maintain what He has promised.

It’s the knowledge that God hates divorce!  Knowing that He will honor His Word and then will forgive us once we seek it from Him.  It is these things and more that leave us creeping with the prince of the air.  Though we know he brings about death, we walk hand in hand publicly and court him in private, while God watches and waits for us to come to our senses.  We could imagine God giving a similar plea to that of Beyonce,

“Hold up, they don’t love you like I love you
Slow down, they don’t love you like I love you…”
Beyonce:  2016 Lemonade

As we discussed the lyrics, we imagined the pain in God’s voice as He declared to the John His thoughts regarding the people there.  Confounded He must have been as to why those whom He freed would again unite with sin who’s commitment towards us is just as consistent as our commitment towards keeping our covenant with God.  

There is nothing this life can offer us.  No reward.  No accolade.  No position.  No fame.  No resources that will stand as a replacement for God’s presence in our life.    The things we seek to fill the voids in our life are as permanant and purposeful as a pothole filled with Jello.  Still, we creep with sin, elevating it above our first love, making Him second place at best, and other times finishing last.  wp-heaters-600

Beyonce reminds her man that the things offered will never equal the love she has for him, nor the sacrifice given for him.  Likewise, our Lord has made the ultimate sacrifice for us.  He gave His life for us, that we might find peace in being in relationship with Him. He remains forgiving and long-suffering, and He washes us to perfection.  He attends to us not just as a provider, but as one seeking to remove the spots and wrinkles from our existence.  He holds us when we fail, encourages us when we are afraid, directs us when we are lost, speaks to us when we are lonely, protects us when we are in danger and is faithful to us when we are unfaithful and or faithless!  He is full deserving of our undying love and commitment, yet He cries out “Hold Up….Slow Down….They Don’t Love you Like I love You…” (Not a quote) 

We must return to God, our first Love, knowing that in Him we move and have our being.  Peace is found in Him.  Love is found in Him.  And His mercy truly endureth through all generations.


One thought on “Life by the Bee (Hold Up!)

  1. pastorjdo3 says:

    I loved this lesson. God’s love for us can not be matched by anyone!!!!


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