December 2016: Matthew 25:35


December 22, 2016 by thebodychurchtx

shopping3                                   Phase 1:

Matthew 25:35 is underway.  Tuesday the 20th, Sister Davis and Sister Ogletree gathered to shop for our 3 selected families.  Both ladies demonstrated their shopping savvy, looking at the list, and consulting the funds gathered from the Go-Fund-Me account.   Each lady took family member after family member, searching for outfits that were sure to bring holiday cheer.

The two ladies combed through the aisle of 3 stores.  They worked through budget constraints and considered the fashion trends as the searched for clothes and toys.  shopping1The ladies entered the store the moment it was open, working through the freshly stocked shelves to insure the families would receive a blessing this season.

Phase 2:

Later, the Discipleship Group gathered in the Northpointe Subdivision at Canyon Gate to wrap the presents gathered by the shopping team.

Group Leader Sister Ashlee was joined by Group Member Sister Daniels to execute the plan for the evening.  The group was divided into 3 wrapping teams.  From there, each team was given a family and the resources were distributed.

Sister Jackson culminated the evening with her delicious nachos.  The food was a great treat that rewarded the hard work of the wrapping teams.  The men aided in clean up and assisted packing up the resources.


The group served, even though two members had suffered recent losses.  Brother Jackson and Sister Jackson both suffered losses in their families.  DG members spent time sharing words of encouragement and loving on one another.  The support seemed to make all the difference, as each person rolled up their sleeves and placed the needs of others in place of their own.  wrapping3

All praise be to our God who gives us the strength to serve Him and the resources to meet the needs of others.

If you would like to serve families, please email us at or for more information.  






One thought on “December 2016: Matthew 25:35

  1. pastorjdo3 says:

    It is such an amazing feeling to be the hands and feet of Christ on the earth. I thank God for the members of The Body Church and for those from sister churches who have helped us achieve Good will on the earth!

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