Mission Accomplished 2016!

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December 28, 2016 by pastorjdo3


First Met Members Helping Deliver Gifts to Family #3

The best part of being the Body Church is being the hands and feet of Christ on the earth.  Not just seeking to follow Him by mimicking His ethics and moral, but following Him in deed through service.  God’s tender heart and eyes of compassion compelled Him to serve, denying self, and uplifting others.

Phase 3:

 The Delivery Phase of Matthew 25:35 went without a hitch.  Three teams were gathered to deliver gifts to the three families chosen to show love for Christmas.  Each Leader was responsible for coordinating the delivery to each family as well as documenting the effort.



Gifts were taken to each home, where Discipleship Group Members and a family from one of our Sister Churches, both fellowshipped and prayed with each family.

Each families story was so unique.  All hard working families, in love with God, seeking to please Him, while using every hour of the clock to provide for their families.  The Gospel helps us identify with one another.  As fellow believers, we all know what is like to burn both ends of the candle for a portion waiting for the ends to meet.  Walking in faith, we have all knelt humbly and asked the Lord to shine on us with favor, thus we too are thankful for each of you that listed to the Holy Spirit and decided to support this effort to be a blessing.



Mother of Family 2 receiving gifts.

Each family expressed their sincerest gratitude to all those that contributed Via Go Fund Me and other methods.    We believe we are connected “…to use our gifts and resources to serve the community…”, and for that reason, we make a personal as well as a corporate sacrifice to help others.  The generosity of each person combined with the ears and eyes of the disciples of God have made a great difference.


We invite you to participate.  Contact us at or






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