Productivity = (Ability + Resources) /Offense

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June 29, 2017 by pastorjdo3

As I looked at these doors yet again , I realized that the door labeled “yes” was labeled “no” on the other side, and the door labeled “no” was labeled “yes” from the other side. 
This brought a smile in that, the same door that was an enterance was an exit and vice verse. The labels placed on them insures that those entering had rules to abide by like those leaving. 

I thought about this key aspect of relationships! Many relationships are ruined from the start because of the way a person entered or how the person was brought in.
Having proper boundaries and structure in our relationships and ministries is key to maintaining healthy relationship and to infusing life and energy into our environments that spur productivity.  
If only we could measure uproductivity! I am sure we would discover that offense in our relationships serves as a defense to our work.  

Productivity = (Ability + Resources) /Offense

In this, I believe we will find that Non-Working relationships produce Unproductive people. Despite the talents or ability of an individual, relationships determine the attitude and affect desire of the person so serve at maximum ability. A toxic environment works against ability and potential with such force, that it can make it seem that those working lack even the baseline of their own ability. Best case, a toxic environment keeps people working on the baseline of ability, but locks away potential because motivation and desire are low. Ability measured is what has been untapped today, where are potential is relative to what is developed. Many of our environments are coasting on ability, and circling because the power of potential has been taken away by unhealthy relationships. 
How one enters is also affected by how one leaves. While it may be one thing to make a grand enterance, making a grand exit could burn some bridges. Much trepidation has been experienced because of the actions and attitude of the one leaving or the treatment of the one leaving.  

This remaining hurt causes us to enter new relationships with guards that hinder and blur future relationships. The hurt or betrayal in one relationship often poisons future relationship, as the slow and steady travel of poison works it’s way, shutting down organs one at a time. 

Yep, you guessed it! The first organ affected is the heart! This takes us back to our formula! The heart wounded and unhealed will slowly decrease productivity beneath one ability. 

Again I wonder how many people have been wounded upon exit and experienced diminished productivity in an new environment? Thought this occurs, productivity can be restored when a person is intorduced properly into a healthy environment. The love, support and structure of a driven few can restore and refuel an empty tank. The new environment can remove the poison from an infected heart and heal to the point of health and reintroduce the growth from untapped potential.
Though relationship experience separation, We must accept this truth; relationships are forever! Long after a person leaves our presence, the bond, be it positive or negative, forgiven or unforgiven continue to impact is forever!  
Count it no coincidence that God stress not only forgivenes, but how we treat one another. Without counting, I am confident that there are twice as many scriptures that deal with how to treat people as there are forgiveness. Forgiveness is the biproduct of transgressions from mishandled relationship. Though not thought. It is easier to treat people as they should be treated than to restore a wounded heart. 

How will you handle relationships? Is the environment you provide stifeling productibity? Is the mishandling of the entrance and exit of a person keeping you on the baseline of ability?  


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