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  1. Conditions: John 3:16

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    November 8, 2017 by pastorjdo3

     Taking all the world had to offer and not sampling, but using a full measure of all offered, often overdosing on portions and then throwing ourselves at the feet of God for forgiveness.  God literally entered the world, and replaced warning labels on our lifestyles, held public workshops and private seminars, and yet we still keep sinning.

  2. Counter Culture Session 6 (CGDG)

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    October 22, 2015 by pastorjdo3

    In God’s own words! He instructs us to imitate Him! He leads by example, showing how He extends love and provision to those who have yet to come into covenant agreement with Him, and then holds up His example as the standard. Neighbors are not those who are deserving of our love, but are those God places within our grasp to show the love He shows to us to win the one.

  3. Counter Culture Session 19 (NPDC)


    August 31, 2015 by pastorjdo3

    As discussed in class, a right approved in the law that goes against God’s will is still considered wrong and sin in God’s eye. While there are those who believe that all things made lawful now become permissible, this is not true. The approval of laws does not allow man to go against God’s law, but represents mans desire to live according to the flesh.

  4. Counter Culture Session 18 (NPDG)

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    August 19, 2015 by pastorjdo3

    Though our skin covers us, we must remember that there exist a covering that even covers our skin, counting us all as brother and sister, in the same family in the same Kingdom!

  5. Counter Culture Session 17 (NPDG)

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    August 16, 2015 by pastorjdo3

    People have lost respect not just for the individuals that have made up the church but for the body the church has become. There was a time where none had need, and now we have are financially selfish and self contained. We have begun to give as we have desire and not as there is need, choosing to meet our own needs, funding our own wants, and ignoring the lack in the lives of others.

  6. Special Session: Counter Culture 1 (CGDC)

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    August 2, 2015 by pastorjdo3

    Monday, the Copper Grove Discipleship Group meet to study session on of Counter Culture by David Platt.  With our focus …
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  7. Counter Culture: Session 16 (NPDG)

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    August 1, 2015 by pastorjdo3

    Far be it for a true father that loves his daughter to exchange her for a dowry to a man that is abusive to her. The wed of a daughter and son was the uniting of families, not just the exchange of gifts or treasure. Understanding that the daughter was a treasure, would dictate how much the cost of the dowry, and would further dictate the amount of care the father went through to select the family in which to entrust his daughter too.