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  1. Respect My Authority! Judges 8:16

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    October 12, 2018 by pastorjdo3

    while they might learn and choose differently in the future, they remain at peace with their decision, because it took into account the information of yesterday, not the data of today. The reality is, everyone is correct after the fact!

  2. What Drove Him to Victory? Judges 8:15

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    October 9, 2018 by pastorjdo3

    Here Gideon is, a called man of God, chosen for greatness, steps ordered, armed and equipped, and the words that are driving him to victory don’t belong to the Lord. 

  3. Caught up in Drama! Judges 8:14

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    October 5, 2018 by pastorjdo3

    I believe God wants us to see people not as pawns, but as participants in life whose lives we are to value and respect even when we are eager and desperate to achieve.

  4. A Battle of kingdoms! Judges 8:12

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    September 27, 2018 by pastorjdo3

    He was not going to stop until they were captured. 
    The capture of what you desire depends on the passion and persistence of your pursuit. 

  5. Walk into Victory! Judges 8:11

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    September 27, 2018 by pastorjdo3

    Others mismanage depending on God’s miracle working power.

    We know what God can do, and mistakenly put the Lord God to the test by wasting what we have, and assume that God will bring us through.  Gideon didn’t take this chance. 

  6. When I Return!!!! Judges 8:9

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    September 18, 2018 by pastorjdo3

    Most of us spend our time speaking “if” into the atmosphere.  We lean upon God’s Word as though its an unproven patent.  We stand on it as though its the first version, and we are waiting for them to work the kinks out before we invest.

  7. Confidence to Ask Again! Judges 8:8

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    September 15, 2018 by pastorjdo3

    Even though they were worn out in Succoth, they were able to make it to Peniel, and so will you.   You  have enough strength to get through the Peniels in your life, and to defeat Zumba and Zalmunna.